Besides Great Mentors, Don’t Forget Finding a Bad Mentor!

As a young person, I know very well that in this most unstable phase, we are always hit by ups and downs of enthusiasm. Now it’s ‘hot-hot’ then tomorrow is lethargic again.

We (always) need enthusiasm every time we feel lazy. Yes, whether it’s wise quotes or people who inspire us with a series of success stories. Each time you feel like a failure, that person who will be the gasoline that burns the fire of our spirits to get up again.

However, that pecutan is not necessarily enough to make our struggle firm, because I’m sure there will always be a reason to slip.

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At least, so that we always feel excited, in my opinion we must have two types of mentors who can teach and whip us at the same time. Mentors don’t have to be formal teachers even if they are informal. Even people around you can be used as mentor figures who do not directly educate you with the various things he does.

First is a mentor who encourages you to always go forward. This is as I mentioned above. These mentors are already commonly sought after by people, including me. You simply need this mentor, the goal is to be inspired.

For example, want to be an entrepreneur like Bob Sadino to be financially free seven derivatives or at least want to be an activator of social movements such as Alia Noor Anoviar, who revives the edge of the river community.

Well, the second is the type of mentor who forgets to be sought after by many people. Mentor who whipped from behind. The difference is the purpose of this mentor is to avoid you from bad things that attract your spirit to move forward. During this time we always look for a mentor who gives us positive motivation to continue to be successful like him, but forget to look for motivation from negative things – motivation to ‘not like him’.

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For example, you want to be a visionary leader who is looking for a good figure to be able to whip you. When you are looking for those figures, you see one of the leader figures who lead a large corporation, but unfortunately greedy for the throne. He does not want to regenerate his position to other people. When you see that this leader is on the wrong track that you don’t think fits the leader figure you are looking for, eventually you yourself will eliminate people like this and you become eager to become a leader who isn’t ‘like him’.

Even though we’ve been mindset so that “it’s not like him,” we still skip searching for this second type of mentor because we’re busy looking for the first type of mentor. After all, people who accidentally make you a mentor can make your spirit go forward even better than him.

So have you met these two types of mentors?